Bean to Bar

For our Single Origin Bean to Bar we carefully source the finest beans from outstanding growing regions around the world, then hand select the beans and roast, crack, sort, winnow, grind, and then conch the chocolate in our Chocolate Studio until it meets our criterion for smooth and refined chocolate. Once the chocolate is smooth and flavorful, we temper the chocolate and then cast into bars. Our goal is to create smooth and enjoyable chocolate while retaining the best flavors representative of each bean growing region. We believe no chocolate meant to be enjoyed should be astringent, dry or grainy which means some sources never become chocolate bars.

We like to explore new sources so you will see various origins in the selections over time, some on limited availability depending on the availability of the beans.

Come explore the wide world of fine cacao! All these bars are made as 70% Dark Chocolate with organic sugar the only other component so that flavor profiles between origins can be compared side by side.